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01. Introduction

This is free 3d model of Pharah from Overwatch for Genesis 8 Female (Daz 3D).

Although I'm not a DAZ 3D user, it has become a crucial part of rendering with Blender as a lot of outfits, models and bodymorphs are ported from there and as I started on a new version of Pharah for Blender , I needed a DAZ model to serve as a basis.

Since none of the existing Pharah models for DAZ were accurate enough for my liking, I decided to make a new one from scratch.

02. Features

Here are the main features of the model, and some of them are marked with the following tags:

  • NEW these are new features added since the last major update (such as when going from v1.0 to v1.1)
  • UPDATED these are features that suffered major updates since the last major update (such as when going from v1.0 to v1.1)

Ready to get started?

Start using the model or read on below for more features, user guides plus tips & tricks


04. user guide

This guide will take you through the basics of using the model but assumes you have beginner level understanding of working with DAZ.


4.1  Getting started

Download and install the model just like any other DAZ model. Afterwards, it will be available under the path People\Genesis 8 Female\Characters\PBG\Pharah

The simplest way to add the model to your scene is to double click the Pharah set (sub-scene).

Alternatively, you can add it item by item:

  • add a genesis 8 Female and select it
  • apply the face morph Pharah head apply and optionally, the body Pharah body apply
  • apply the materials Pharah skin
  • add the fiber mesh eyebrows, to give it more details Pharah eyebrows (fiber)
  • if the base model you used does not have eyelashes, you can add the ones that come with the Pharah model

4.2  Using morphs

The model comes with a small collection of morphs for the face and hairdo.

The face ones are meant to offer more accurate (closer to the in-game model) facial expressions, seeing how a lot of the generic DAZ morphs end up looking weird at best and uncanny at worst.

The hairdo ones are meant to help with posing, and offer options such as sway left, forward and so on.

To make use of the facial expressions simply search for Pharah and you will find them.


4.3  Genitalia

The model comes with textures for the default Genesis 8 Female (G8F) genitalia. Simple select the genitalia in the Scene tab, and then double click the Pharah genitalia materials in the Content Library.

When using tanlines for the body you will need to apply the Pharah genitalia - tanlines material as well for the genitalia.


4.4  Textures source files

For those familiar with Photoshop, the texture source files (PSDs) are available for download here.

You can use them to add different makeup, tattoos and whatever else might come to your mind. Afterwards simply export the textures and back in DAZ select the body and go to the Surfaces tab. There, select the material you want to modify (such as torso, face, lips, etc) and change the Base color and Translucency color textures.

Want to provide feedback or suggestions?

Want to suggest a feature, report a bug or simply leave your feedback? Follow the link below


06. changelog

v1.3.2 (23 MAR 2022) + -


  • Added dark lipstick face textures
  • Added texture source files (PSDs available here)
  • Added a version with all 3 tattoos merged into one (requested by royale1ent)
  • Added a version with all the body materials (tattoos, tanlines, spanked) merged into one (requested by bangerr2)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed missing textures for eyebrows and eyelashes

New features:

  • Added body options (tanlines, spanked buttocks)
  • Added face options (runny makeup, blushed, etc)
  • Added two more tattoos
  • Added mesh eyebrows (the model comes with textured eyebrows but the mesh ones provide more detail)
  • Added eyelashes (I thought people would use the Default DAZ ones but I saw some renders without eyelashes)
  • Added a few facial expression morphs (search for Pharah)
  • Added version checker (double click the Check for updates button in DAZ and it will show if you have the latest version, and if there have been updates, a summary of the new changes)
  • Added utilities (version checker plus a way to provide feedback)


  • Made the Anubis shoulder tattoo part of the default materials

Bug fixes:

  • The bodymorph no longer alters the face (the previous one made the face slightly chubbier)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed hair lacking transparency

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed missing eyes textures

Initial model release which included:

  • Face and body morphs
  • Hair
  • Shoulder tattoo

07. contact

If you have any suggestions or bugs to report, or if you just want to follow my work, you can do so on